Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Just a Bit of Shopping!

Off out th9isw morning once i got going! Haha.. Tak3es me a bit to get around but we did get out today. We needed a few things like veggies etc so I had thought that we could go to Waitrose for a change. Seems ages since we went there, probably is actually and they do have some things that we like from there.
Unexpected phone call from a physiotherapist this morning called Loise. She is coming out tomorrow at ten o'clock in the morning so we will see what happens there.
Not too bad this morning but cool, I am still wearing my thicker coat with the fur hood actually, but looking around most people were in anoraks etc too. In fact it is pouring down now and very overcast and blowy too, not a nice May day at all.  Really odd weather considering because it is getting on for June now too. 
Had a bit of a mooch round Waitrose, Vin had a list and we got most of the things on it, apart from their cheese pasties which he likes, but they seem to have stopped making those unfortunately. he got some other things that would make meals and a few veggies to go with them. They do have some nice biscuits that we have to go with our coffees at home so we got some of those too.
Nice free coffee then, we both had a latte in their cafe which was quite quiet, we thought it would have been busier really, but there didn't seem to be many kids around at all.
Home for a carrot and coriander soup lunch with honey and sunflower  bread for Vin, which looked very tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Sojmething that we got today I think. 
Not too sure what yet, but we did get some nice butternut squash, 

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