Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hello Again!!!

Been a while!  Started off with a blockage on Election day and have had a few very dodgy days this time. Just picking up a bit now. Had to cancel two appointments on Friday as I was bed bound, one for the hearing aid clinic in the morning and the other for the little occupational therapist girl to come with a board for the shower in the afternoon. That was a shame but couldn't be helped.
Seems to have taken an absolute age to get going again this time, and I feel really sorry for Vin. Can't be much of a life for him. Still onwards and upwards eh!!
A very nice man from Sefton Council came this morning, he was supposed to come at between nine and ten and he arrived spot on nine-o'clock. He was here about an hour and three quarters and fitted hand rails on the other side of the stairs, outside the bathroom and a grab rail at the top of the landing and one in the bathroom. All very smart, and very neatly fitted too, and a really nice bloke. The hand rail certainly helps, makes it much easier going downstairs. When he had been and finished we had a coffee in the kitchen. I had a nice cappucinno and Vin had a chai latte. Lovely. We were a bit early because we had got up early which was a good job.
Vin went off garden centering then. He wanted to get another clematis for the front door. We have had one there for years called Nelly Moser but gradually bit by bit it had gone downhill, and finally gave up the ghost last year not producing any flowers at all. He came back with a new trellis with a curved top and a beautiful Nelly Moser with lots of buds on it. Also the biscuits that I like and some tea lights. Good shopping Vinnie XXX
Jane hasn't rung up today but didn't expect her to. She is bang in the middle of doing her dissertation and her assignments too and snowed under with work.  She rang Vin last night to ask for advice with an essay and he gave her some tips, which she seemed happy with. Keep going our Jane XXXXX
Tonight we are having:
Foodwise no idea at all, Vin went to Tesco yesterday and came back with odds and ends so he can choose something nice.
I am still off my food at the moment.

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