Friday, 1 May 2015

Picking Up...

Slowly but surely. Jane is off at the moment, she has ttaken holidays from Ticketmaster, and has finished her placement yesterday, so she is cleared for finishing off her assignments, dissertation and her revision. My goodness that sounds a lot Bless Her..
She rang up this morning on her way to tescos which is just over the road from where she lives, she was going to get some food in, and also to get out of the house for a little while.Then back to her dissertation she thought. One thing about our Jane, she is a grafter. :)
Vin went off to Crosby this morning. He was going to see about getting some photos put onto discs, but when he got there he found it was about £4 each, so he said he could do it himself and did when he came home. What a clever boy. He also did a bit of shopping at Sainsburys, but didn't buy a huge amount because he has aa good discount voucher for Tescos where he is going tomorrow. Something like £6 off 40 which by any standards is a very good saving.
May 1st today. How did that happen. It nly seems like yesterday it was Christmas, and now it is nearly a year since we lost Bobby. That was May 19th.Seems like yesterday. 
Beautiful she was. This was her at her cuddliest!
Tonight we are having:
Mashed potato with cheese,
Little yorkies with baby sausages in them,
 A few veggies

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