Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Change of Plan...

Well we were going to go out today somewhere for a bit of a mooch and a coffee somewhere. However, when we awoke this morning it was to a horrible day. Wet, windy,and not like May at fact it is more like March.  Cleared up now thoughand some sunshine coming through. 
Started off with the ironing..I stood and watched and lovely Vin did most of it.  Since the new tablet arrived yesterday and had been charged up overnight it was ready to get going. Ermm..easier said than done. Took a good half hour to get somewhere. Vin hwever, is good at techy things and he got things going quite quickly and it is amazing just what he got going in a few minutes. My problem is with the print size, a bit small for moi, so have to work out just how to get it larger. Nice touch screen which is something we haven't had on anything before, so quite new to us anyway.
My little occupational therapist rang today to give us an update abut what was happening. She has contacted the dietician for me and the physiotherapist who should be getting in touch. She has also ordered the bars and rails for the house and wanted to see us about coming with a board for the shower so it will be easier to get a shower. She also contacted the stoma nurse who is going to ring at the end of the week about my CT scan etc., What a lovely helpful little girl she is. NHS at its best.
Vin has just come upstairs to say that he was sat outside for a bit to do some of his planner, but had to come inside because it was too cold! And it's MAY not March!
Voting day tomorrow..time for a change? doubt it. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really. Maybe a pasta of some sort, with a cheese sauce.
garlic bread for Vin.

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