Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Summer? What Summer?

Well this has been a looong Spring with no real sign of any warm weather any time soon. We did sit outside for our coffees on Saturday and it was really nice, blue skies and warm outside, but it didn't last and by Sunday it was cold again.  Vin has been out on the odd occasion to do some weeding etc but kept coming in because it was too cool. Got an email from Australia today which said they were still watering their plants and wearing summer clothes, and, it is supposed to be their winter!!!
Today Vin has gone off to see a financial advisor about his pension pots etc., he has a good idea about what he wants, but is going for advice. I have stopped in. He has just rung up actually to say he is on his way back which is earlier than I thought. 
Jane has been busy..very busy with her dissertation which she emailed to us last night. Can't begin to understand what it is about but it reads really well and she has obviously put a hge amount of work into it poor kid. just hope she gets a good mark now. She is now revising for her exam on Thursday..all little steps towards the end result. 
I had my appointment with the gastric man on Friday at four o'clock but was delayed by about half an hour or so. Anyway he is a bit concerned about the falls etc and is referring me to a haemotologist about the blood count which he says is too low whatever that means. Vin went in with me which was good because he is a good pair of ears, and asks good questions. 
Tonight we are having:
Lasagne for Vin 
garlic bread and sweetcorn for him.
Not sure what I will have yet, maybe a baked potato.

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