Thursday, 7 May 2015

Voting Day!!

Thursday May7th..and it is the day of the General Elaction.At least it will put an end to the relentless amount of politics on the television, and the Party Political broadcasts, most of which have been quite dire.
went round mid-morning to the local church hall to cast our votes and it was fairly busy too, seems most of the village have turned out. I voted for my usual party having working class roots I am not deserting them in their hour of need. It will be very interesting to see who exactly gets through tomorrow and who ends up in bed with who. Just hope it isn't the SNP though..not a Nicola Sturgeon fan at all.
When we had voted we went on down the by-pass to Tesco for a Costa. Tesco itself was remarkably quiet and Costa extremely so. We had a good seat away from the shoppers and a really nice coffee too. I had a skinny latte and Vin had a soya latte with cinnamon which smelled lovely. Most of the people in there today were older..who says coffee shops are mostly frequented by the youngsters! Costa certainly isn't. Couple on the side table to us were funny, they had their noses in papers the whole time, both had large coffees and food, then the man went back to the bar and came back with another medium what looked like cappuccino for the woman. She must have a cast iron bladder that woman!! 
No shopping done because we have enough of everything and there wasn't anything we needed, so home.  
i rang up for my appointment at the co/rec clinic and was given 22nd of May at ten past four. Funny time we usually go in the morni9ngs. Doesn't matter though. 
Tonight we are having:
Root vegetable mash
Mixed vegetables
Something from the freezer to go with them.
gravy maybe

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