Thursday, 28 May 2015

Oh Dear!

Nice and bright and sunny today, but still very blowy and you can smell the sea outside the house which is not a good sign. Vin is presently in the garden doing a bit of sorting out but not the weedkilling because it is just too blowy and he would waste the gas in the cannister. 
Jane has just rung up in a bit of a crisis of confidence because she had her vivas today. This is an exam where thy have to face a panel and they ask you questins about anything that you have done over the past three years. of course there was one question that she said she couldn't answer so she thinks she has failed..we can only wait and see, so fingers crossed. 
She was on her way into Ticketmaster to work a shift for one of the boys who wanted the night off, then she was going for a burrito after work to make her happy! 
I had a visit from a physiotherapist this morning so we had got up early to get ready. She was very nice, asked a lot of questions and gave me some exercises to do to strengthen my leg muscles, so shall do those while watching t.v. tonight etc.,
Tonight we are having:
Maybe a pasta meal with leftover veggies.
Garlic bread for Vin

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