Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Remembering Bobby...

Our Lovely Bobby (Robyn) One year ago since we lost her. it was a Monday and we had watcched her deteriorate over the weekend and decided to take her to the vets on the Monday. He said she had a big tumour in her stomach so  she went. She is buried in our garden along from Lucy and Inky and a bit later next to rusty.R.I.P. little Bobby. Much loved friend.XXXX
Vin had a busy day today.  Delivery from Aranesp early on. Brought me breakfast in bed this morning a nice bowl of frosties, then he did some ironing. off to Crosby to get his car M.O.T.d at twelve o'clock. Apparently there was a delay at the garage, and he rang up twice to say he was coming home for his coffee. Had a 
lovely cappucinno each at home he finished off the ironing then went back to get his car on the bus. Home with his car all done and dusted and  ready for another year. 
Lunch then, still cold so we had some soup and a breather. Busy day for Vin today.
Tonight we are having:
Toad in the hole with mashed potato and a bit of butternut squash and broccoli for Vin.

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