Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Still cold today, sitting here with the heater on and it is the 20th of Maay. Supposed to warm up over the Bank Holiday weekend which is next Monday, but will have to wait and see.  Very blowy today but sunny too which is a shame. Still not sat outside yet and the bench is still covered.  Vin sat outside yesterday but came back in for his coat!!
 An outing today. We went along for a Costa for a change. Tesco proved to be very quiet,and the Costa remarkably so. We found our usual seat vacant so that was good. Vin went and got the coffees and came back with a Soya milk Mocha Latte for him and a Ski9nny latte for moi which were lovely. His mocha looked really good I do have to say,quite dark in colour  and the froth was very tasty!!
people watched for a bit, all sorts in there from the very elderly to the quite young and women in pairs and people on their own having their lunch. One man to the left table from us had food, a cup of something and a bottle of water. sat for an age on his phone playing with it..wonder what he was doing?
Vin left me with the residue of my latte while he went off to get a couple of things that we wanted. he got me a paper to read while I waited. "The Star".. OMG you must need a reading age of about five to read that!! Turn to page three and you get a blown up booby girl with h8ige silicone breaasts. Thought they had gone out. Seemingly not! I can see just who that paper is aimed at. 
Then home..bit of a mooch on here then a soup lunch. Wonder what our Jane is getting up to she hasn't rung up for an age..must still be working on her assignments, you do begin to worry after a couple of days though.
Ton9ight we are having:
Amy's kitchen mac/cheese
A bit of garlic bread for Vin and some butternut squash. 

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