Monday, 4 May 2015

Banki Holiday Weekend...

Started off nice and sunny but overcast at the time of typing. Washing hanging on the line which should dry, given a touch of tumbling later. 
Quiet for us here today. We don't tend to go out on a Bank Holiday mainly it tends to be busy so we don't bother. So, did bits and bobs. Vin did his crossword and I had a mooch on the computer. I did do a questionnaire which took me ages sorry I started it after a of those ones that went on and on and didn't get anywhere really, all about media. 
Jane rang up yesterday. She is in the middle of working on her assignments and her dissertation and has "escaped" the house to go and get some provisions to keep her going.  I do have to say that they do keep them busy on this course, however, she is getting towards the end now. Then end of the tunnel in sight Jane XXX

Main excitement over the weekend was the birth of the new royal baby. A little girl born on Saturday and named today as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Very sweet looking baby too.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza for Vin with a green salad..lucky boy.
Not sure what I will have.

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