Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Blustery Day !

Blustery and wet too! No wonder we slept in this morning so were late getting going, not that we are early risers anyway really. We had a plan to go to Dobbies today so kept to that and got ready to go out, and it wasn't in summery clothes either!!.
It certainly wasn't bathed in sunshine today either but extremely blustery and drizzly. Vin went and got a wheelchair for me as it is quite a distance to walk round. We had a bit of a look round first,some nice Yankee candles and he got some tea -lights for later.
looked at the food court where we often buy their biscuits aand cakes that we like.Greedy piggies that we are!  We then drifted off to the cafe area where we got our free coffees for the August month
Vin had a lovely looking latte in a large cup with a beautiful fern pattern on the top  in the froth, and I had a flat white in a small cup with a nice pattern on the top as well. Makes a nice change because I don't have those at home. 
Home via tesco on the way back just to get a few last minute things for our tea tonight. Still blowy but it is clearing up a little bit and the sun even came out later in the afternoon.

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