Monday, 15 August 2016


That is the weekend, nothing exciting happened but to be fair we are still recovering from little Tootsie going really. Vin went off to Tescos's on Saturday and Crosby on Sunday morning. Sundays are usually reserved for doing our crrosswords, which weren't too bad this week. Last night I got a bit caught up watching the Andy Murray final for the Gold or Silver medal. Basically if he won he got the Gold, if he lost he got the Silver. He is the holder of the 2012 medal so it was clear he was out to retain that. It was late at night here but afternoon there in Rio. Very raucus crowd, not like Wimbledon! and a very tight match. He won eventually and got his Gold, but it took him over 4 hours of extremely hard tennis. I don't know how they do it in that heat and humidity.
Today was a District nurse day and she came at  about 11.30 ish, and took ages to do the dresings. Funny how the girls all vary in the way they do them. It was bed washing day so that was stripped right after she had been. Beautiful sunny day today with a bit of a breeze so lovely for hanging the washing out therefore saving using the tumble dryer.
The hanging baskets look great in the sunshine.
Stunning this year, he has done a great job of keeping them going this year.

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