Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Busy Wednesday!

It was up fairly early this morning after our normal coffee and little cow biscuit first!  I had an appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintre at 11 o'clock. Then a podiatry one at 1.30, so a bit of juffling required since they were in different parts of the hospital.  Oh my poor Vin, has to do all the driving, and parking etc, plus ferrying me around.He is always so patient too Bless him.
Got to the first appointment  and my heart sank when I saw the numbers of people in the waiting area, abut actually I wwas called in pretaty quickly. Had tao go and get my fooata undressed first then wait for the big man!  Not terribly good news in that it seems surgery is required on the big toe because the infection has got into the bone and that apparently means that the ulcer won't heal. Have to go back in two weeks time with the decision!!
Then off to the co-op shop down the road where we normally go to have a bit of lunch.Vin had made some lovely sandwiches wwith bread from down the road.  Really tasty too they were. Poor Vin ..more parking and ferrying about. The podiarary lady went to the orthdist to tell him that I was actually nowhere near needing the shoes sdso that appointment was cancelled,and she then did my feet. Finally on our way home after Vin had collected the car, and had a welcome cup of coffee. Vin said he was gagging for a coffee and I don't blame him either.Really miss little Tootsie waiting for us when we comje in, she was usually at the door or in the window. 

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