Monday, 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday !

We tend not to go out on a Bank Holiday, never have done really it's a thing we do. Mostly it is the traffic which is always been heavy round here because it's on the way to Southport. I had the district nurse this morning and she said it was already building up on the "new" road. She was a nice one I haven't seen her before, but there are twenty of them so not surprising.
Jane has just rung me up on her way to Morrisons and again on the way back home from there too. She had bought some cheese, crackers, a pineapple and some red grapes so she was going home to have a feast she said. She is off or a couple of weeks near enough, so is enjoying some peace time doing what she wants to.
We are having an ordinaryday today doing nothing very much which is nice. 
One of the containers in the carden getting a bit dry. It's a full time job keeping the watered in the sunshine.

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