Monday, 1 August 2016

R.I.P. Little Tootsie.

1ST August, has turned out to be an awful day for us here. Started off as normal woke up, breakfasted Vin went down and fed Tootsie, and she went out as she always does.  Then Vin was in the kitchen and the doorbell went. The chemist from over the road said that our cat had been run over and she was in the pharmacy. He had rung the vets aaand they were waiting for her. He kindly dro0ve Vin there while she was rushed in for treatment.  The main problem was a huge head injury, and she was unresponsive. So they kept her in for  treatment, and Vin came home on the train.  He rang up later because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon, and the time was crucial, but the vet said that Tootsie had deteriorated and they had done an x-ray and there was massive brain injury and really the best thing to do would be to put her to sleep unfortunately. Vin went straight back and was with her while the vet did that. Then he brought her home. Oh dear, what a terrible time for him.
                                         R.I.P. Little Tootsie.
She was a feisty little girl with a mind of her own. Not a cat you could make do anything, she would do eactly what she wanted. She adored Vin who was really close to her, and she would jump on his knee for a cuddle most nights. Beautiful markings and a real calico cat. Very photogenic too.
As I type this he is out digging a space in the garden for her. Heartbreaking for him, she is now "resting" beside our other cats who are out there.  

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