Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Up Late So...

We didn't in the end go anywhere. Another mundane day at work that means we stay in and do what we normally do, centred round our morning coffee from our Tassimo. Vin had a nice Americano and I had a made up capuccinno  which was lovely, As good as the ones you get from the packets which we have run out of! Have to get some more they'remy favourite. 
We are definitely out tomorrow anyway because I have a podiatry appointment at Aintree which is my usual weekly one.It is an early afternoon  one, so we will probably take our lunch with us.
Vin is in the garden sorting out some magazines,the recycling bin is due to be emptied  tomorrow. It's amazing actually just how full it gets by the time it is ready to be emptied. I think he misses our little Tootsie, he has no-one to talk to in the garden!

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