Thursday, 18 August 2016


Well yesterday was a bit of a washout as it turned out. We got all organised for an appointment at Aintree at 2'o'clock for podiatry. . We had our coffees as normal and I went up to get ready, then came down and went wobbly at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually Vin decided to call them to see wjat je sjoud do, and they suggested that we left it because we have another appointment on Monday anyway (which we didn't know about) because it hadn't been written on the card we have. Didn't make Vin a happy bunny I can tell you, it made him right grumpy, but that is very understandable really. I must be extremely exasperating to live with!
One of those photos taken on a timer, so Vin always looks a bit cross on these because he is waiting for the timer to go off!!

Happy Family? New year's Eve
So to today. We did plan to go out this morning. Vin wanted to get a few things from Tesco so we could then go for a coffee at Costa. He got some wheels so I could have a bit of a look around the store and he got his stuff, mainly things he had run out of.  Then we went for our Costa. Quite busy today, but we found a seat round the corner away from the supermarket bit. He had a popcorn Latte and I had a medium skinny Latte which was very nice. Loafs of froth on the top..lovely :)
 Weather is gorgeous today warm and sunny with a tiny breeze. definitely air conditioning weather for the car. You wonder how you managed without it, although my little Micra had it, but Vins big Carina did not. This car he has now is proving to be a really great buy. Very economical on petrol which is always good, and extremely comfortable to be a passenger in. Jane always says what a good car hers is too, and economical as well. The thing is with hers the last one she had was a real old banger and nearly falling to bits so this must be like driving in luxury.  I'm so glad I bought her this one XXXXJane you're worth it!.she has been on two till ten all week which has been a bit hard going, but today they are having a "cheese" day where they all take something in towards a cheesey buffet.  which she was quite looking forward to, so she might be a happier bunny tonight when she rings up. 

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