Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Twas on a Tuesday Morning...

Twas on a Tuesday Moorning The gas man came to call to readour gas meter. This time we were in, quite often we aren't . We did have an estimated bill in January which Vin reckoned was about £15 and when he read the meter after the gas man had been it was exactly that so we don't have to pay anything this time, now that is the sort of bill we all like.
The district nurse came today too so it was quite a busy morning. Tomorrow we have a rearranged appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintree, the one they cancelled on Monday.  so they will probably do the legs there again.
When she had finished, I had a bit of a mooch on my computer, still looking in vain for a replacement crossword solver machine because my one is giving up the ghost. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot out there but none of them have a dictionary solver and thesaurus, all permutations of that but none with all the facilities. Grrr. I really just want the same as the one I have now but that isn't sold any more, wonder why?
While I was doing that, Vin was being far more practical, he bought a new bathroom heater the other day and decided to fit that this morning. This he did, remarkably quickly. He really is excellent at fixing things and fitting things too, very good handy man he is :) :) 
Weather changeable today.a bit cloudy and now it is bright sunshine, but you wouldn't exactly call it hot! far from it.
 Vin says the hanging baskets are taking a lot of watering because they are drying out quickly. Looking good though.

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