Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Missing You,

We are really missing our little Tootsie. It is so hard to believe she has gone, it really all happened so quickly. Poor Vin was totally shocked and the poor ad had to deal with it all. From taking her to the vets, going back for her when they had finally decided that it would bee best to put her to sleep, and the final  horrible task of burying her in our garden last night.

She is now under a flagstone on the right hand side of the garden along with all of our other cats except for two. He put a plant pot over her last night with one of his new solar lights in it which was shining brightly last night. Bye bye little Tootsie.
She of the beautiful markings, I wish we had had you longer XXX
So we have had a quiet day today. Vin had to go to the vets to pay the bill, also he rang the insurance company to cancel the pet insurance before they took out this months money. Sounds awful but has to be done!. Then he went on to Tescos just to get a few bits and bobs to keep us going. Home for our coffees,  then later lunch. This afternoon he spent in the garden tidying up the things he didn't have time to do last night.He also rang up about my Tesco vouchers, so we could send off for our Dobbies garden club vouchers for our free coffees for the next year!!.

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