Friday, 19 August 2016

Good Job...

What a good job we hadn't planned to go anywhere today. Firstly it was an absolutely horrible day, blowy and raining with a distinct drop in temperature making it quite cool. Yesterday was the total opposite, warm and sunny .  Secondly, we were waiting for the district nursey all morning, so went down for our morning coffee and she eventually arrived at about ten to two. I was really glad to get the last lot of bandages because the soft cast wasn't fitted properly and was actually quite uncomfortable to walk on.  This one today did them really well and it makes all the difference in the world. 
Vin has done a lot of ironing and bits and bobs around the house. He likes to go outside really but couldn't today because of the weather and also waiting for the nursey. Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was driving to the trafford Centre on her way to do a bit of browsing, and later to get a Burrito from her usual place which she really likes.  She says they fill her belly with lots of happiness! Bless her.  Hope you enjoy it, you deserve that.

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