Monday, 8 August 2016


Seems to be something about Mondays! Last week we lost little Tootsie, this week we were ret up for an appointment at Aintree with a Mr Butcher, but we were called this morning by his secretary to cancel it as he was ill.Then we were called back later on to offer us another appointment on Wednesday morning at 11 O'clock.That is fine except that we have another  podiatry and an orthodist appointments too on the same day!  Bit of juggling needed here!
Exactly a week since little Tootsie was run over, we have really missed her this week. You miss her coming in and out all the time, and brushing up against Vins legsbecause she wanted feeding :)
  This was one of the spots she liked , on the back of the sofa, that is till I came back from hospital and she had started to bond more with Vin so went on his lap a lot. 
Very blustery last night, so much so that that the plaques that he had bought for my birthdaywere banging against the wall so he took them down for a bit till the wind subsided. 
Couldn't risk them coming off the wall so best to be safe than sorry. The wind has gone down today but still a bit cool even though it is sunny. Vin is in the garden at the moment tidying up anything that has been blown over last night.

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