Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday Again!!

Yep  Friday again! Come round with monotonous regularity don't they. And, furthermore it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Not that it means much if you aren't working really! They never did mean a lot to me to be honest because being in teaching you automatically get them off anyway.
Two days ago The doorbell went and there was a delivery of these beautiful flowers with a sweet little card frrom the lovely people in Australia. They are naughty but very very nice.  Thank you so much from me and Vin. 
Vin got s birthday card this morning..No, not from daughter number one but from John and Ann in Australia. Jane said she did send one via Moon Pig but so far nothing has arrived. Either she never sent one or Moon Pig ain't much good. She was supposed to have sent me one for mine from them too and that didn't arrive either so it doesn't say much for Moon Pig!!!
Didn't go out today the district nurse was due, and since you can never tell what time they are due, you cannot really plan for anything. In the event she came at half past eleven so it would have been too late  to go anywhere anyway. She is a really nice one who came today, she is an agency one and very good at her job. She has just taken on a kitten too called Teddy, and showed me a photo of it on her camera. Really sweet, makes you a bit broody. :(
Poor Tootsie !

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