Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Forty Two Years!!

Forty two years and still going strong, even though we have been sorely tested over the last few years.! But he has pulled through them all with such patience and kindness you wouldn't believe. Thank you my lovely Vincent, my boulder :)
We aren't doing anything special today really. Vin has done a bit of clearing out of cupboards, because it is our grey bin tomorrow,he found quite a  lot of biscuits both savoury and sweet which were well out of date so has disposed of those. Made a bit of space in the cupboard.
It's a good job we didn't go out today actually, because late morning the doorbell went and it was a florist delivering the most beautiful boquet of flowers in a box. Scented too! not very often today that you get scented roses and freesia. Vin has taken some pictures but  his little netbook is playing up a little bit so he will load them up later. I will post them maybe tomorrow.
Here he is my handsome husband!and me when I had a bit more hair!!.
Tomorrow it is his birthday, but unfortunately I have a hospital appointment with Mr Butcher, to say whether or not I agree to  having surgery on the big toe on the right foot which has an ulceOh dear... not much of a good decision is it. Never mind. r on it which just will not heal no matter how many antibiotics they throw at it!  

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