Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Up Late So...

We didn't in the end go anywhere. Another mundane day at work that means we stay in and do what we normally do, centred round our morning coffee from our Tassimo. Vin had a nice Americano and I had a made up capuccinno  which was lovely, As good as the ones you get from the packets which we have run out of! Have to get some more they'remy favourite. 
We are definitely out tomorrow anyway because I have a podiatry appointment at Aintree which is my usual weekly one.It is an early afternoon  one, so we will probably take our lunch with us.
Vin is in the garden sorting out some magazines,the recycling bin is due to be emptied  tomorrow. It's amazing actually just how full it gets by the time it is ready to be emptied. I think he misses our little Tootsie, he has no-one to talk to in the garden!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Bank Holiday !

We tend not to go out on a Bank Holiday, never have done really it's a thing we do. Mostly it is the traffic which is always been heavy round here because it's on the way to Southport. I had the district nurse this morning and she said it was already building up on the "new" road. She was a nice one I haven't seen her before, but there are twenty of them so not surprising.
Jane has just rung me up on her way to Morrisons and again on the way back home from there too. She had bought some cheese, crackers, a pineapple and some red grapes so she was going home to have a feast she said. She is off or a couple of weeks near enough, so is enjoying some peace time doing what she wants to.
We are having an ordinaryday today doing nothing very much which is nice. 
One of the containers in the carden getting a bit dry. It's a full time job keeping the watered in the sunshine.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday Again!!

Yep  Friday again! Come round with monotonous regularity don't they. And, furthermore it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Not that it means much if you aren't working really! They never did mean a lot to me to be honest because being in teaching you automatically get them off anyway.
Two days ago The doorbell went and there was a delivery of these beautiful flowers with a sweet little card frrom the lovely people in Australia. They are naughty but very very nice.  Thank you so much from me and Vin. 
Vin got s birthday card this morning..No, not from daughter number one but from John and Ann in Australia. Jane said she did send one via Moon Pig but so far nothing has arrived. Either she never sent one or Moon Pig ain't much good. She was supposed to have sent me one for mine from them too and that didn't arrive either so it doesn't say much for Moon Pig!!!
Didn't go out today the district nurse was due, and since you can never tell what time they are due, you cannot really plan for anything. In the event she came at half past eleven so it would have been too late  to go anywhere anyway. She is a really nice one who came today, she is an agency one and very good at her job. She has just taken on a kitten too called Teddy, and showed me a photo of it on her camera. Really sweet, makes you a bit broody. :(
Poor Tootsie !

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Forty Two Years!!

Forty two years and still going strong, even though we have been sorely tested over the last few years.! But he has pulled through them all with such patience and kindness you wouldn't believe. Thank you my lovely Vincent, my boulder :)
We aren't doing anything special today really. Vin has done a bit of clearing out of cupboards, because it is our grey bin tomorrow,he found quite a  lot of biscuits both savoury and sweet which were well out of date so has disposed of those. Made a bit of space in the cupboard.
It's a good job we didn't go out today actually, because late morning the doorbell went and it was a florist delivering the most beautiful boquet of flowers in a box. Scented too! not very often today that you get scented roses and freesia. Vin has taken some pictures but  his little netbook is playing up a little bit so he will load them up later. I will post them maybe tomorrow.
Here he is my handsome husband!and me when I had a bit more hair!!.
Tomorrow it is his birthday, but unfortunately I have a hospital appointment with Mr Butcher, to say whether or not I agree to  having surgery on the big toe on the right foot which has an ulceOh dear... not much of a good decision is it. Never mind. r on it which just will not heal no matter how many antibiotics they throw at it!  

Friday, 19 August 2016

Good Job...

What a good job we hadn't planned to go anywhere today. Firstly it was an absolutely horrible day, blowy and raining with a distinct drop in temperature making it quite cool. Yesterday was the total opposite, warm and sunny .  Secondly, we were waiting for the district nursey all morning, so went down for our morning coffee and she eventually arrived at about ten to two. I was really glad to get the last lot of bandages because the soft cast wasn't fitted properly and was actually quite uncomfortable to walk on.  This one today did them really well and it makes all the difference in the world. 
Vin has done a lot of ironing and bits and bobs around the house. He likes to go outside really but couldn't today because of the weather and also waiting for the nursey. Jane rang up at lunchtime, she was driving to the trafford Centre on her way to do a bit of browsing, and later to get a Burrito from her usual place which she really likes.  She says they fill her belly with lots of happiness! Bless her.  Hope you enjoy it, you deserve that.

Thursday, 18 August 2016


Well yesterday was a bit of a washout as it turned out. We got all organised for an appointment at Aintree at 2'o'clock for podiatry. . We had our coffees as normal and I went up to get ready, then came down and went wobbly at the bottom of the stairs. Eventually Vin decided to call them to see wjat je sjoud do, and they suggested that we left it because we have another appointment on Monday anyway (which we didn't know about) because it hadn't been written on the card we have. Didn't make Vin a happy bunny I can tell you, it made him right grumpy, but that is very understandable really. I must be extremely exasperating to live with!
One of those photos taken on a timer, so Vin always looks a bit cross on these because he is waiting for the timer to go off!!

Happy Family? New year's Eve
So to today. We did plan to go out this morning. Vin wanted to get a few things from Tesco so we could then go for a coffee at Costa. He got some wheels so I could have a bit of a look around the store and he got his stuff, mainly things he had run out of.  Then we went for our Costa. Quite busy today, but we found a seat round the corner away from the supermarket bit. He had a popcorn Latte and I had a medium skinny Latte which was very nice. Loafs of froth on the top..lovely :)
 Weather is gorgeous today warm and sunny with a tiny breeze. definitely air conditioning weather for the car. You wonder how you managed without it, although my little Micra had it, but Vins big Carina did not. This car he has now is proving to be a really great buy. Very economical on petrol which is always good, and extremely comfortable to be a passenger in. Jane always says what a good car hers is too, and economical as well. The thing is with hers the last one she had was a real old banger and nearly falling to bits so this must be like driving in luxury.  I'm so glad I bought her this one XXXXJane you're worth it!.she has been on two till ten all week which has been a bit hard going, but today they are having a "cheese" day where they all take something in towards a cheesey buffet.  which she was quite looking forward to, so she might be a happier bunny tonight when she rings up. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sunny Outlook..

Well it is one of the nicesst days of the month so far. We were going to go out to get a coffee this morning abut had to wait for a delivery from Bullens. This normally comes early butthis morning it was on the late side, so that affected our plans somewhat. By the time that had been it was really too late to go out so we decided to have our coffee outside instead. Actually very pleasant out there because it wasn't too hot. You needed the sun hat and sunglassws though.
Vin has done a lot of vacuuming around today, particularly in the bedroom and the living room downstairs. He still misses little Tootsie like mad, I think it was such an unexpected shock the way that it all happened and so quickly.The poor little thing didn't really have much of a chance to get to know us really.
Still finding her way about, unfortunately the wrong direction, and into the traffic!
Jane is on 2 till 10s most of this week poor kid, thing is if she gets a good night's sleep she is ok, but if she doesn't she is tired all day. She could do with a nice burrito to keep her going but the place she goes to closes at nine and that is to early for this shift. !
Love this!

Monday, 15 August 2016


That is the weekend, nothing exciting happened but to be fair we are still recovering from little Tootsie going really. Vin went off to Tescos's on Saturday and Crosby on Sunday morning. Sundays are usually reserved for doing our crrosswords, which weren't too bad this week. Last night I got a bit caught up watching the Andy Murray final for the Gold or Silver medal. Basically if he won he got the Gold, if he lost he got the Silver. He is the holder of the 2012 medal so it was clear he was out to retain that. It was late at night here but afternoon there in Rio. Very raucus crowd, not like Wimbledon! and a very tight match. He won eventually and got his Gold, but it took him over 4 hours of extremely hard tennis. I don't know how they do it in that heat and humidity.
Today was a District nurse day and she came at  about 11.30 ish, and took ages to do the dresings. Funny how the girls all vary in the way they do them. It was bed washing day so that was stripped right after she had been. Beautiful sunny day today with a bit of a breeze so lovely for hanging the washing out therefore saving using the tumble dryer.
The hanging baskets look great in the sunshine.
Stunning this year, he has done a great job of keeping them going this year.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Another Blustery Day !

Blustery and wet too! No wonder we slept in this morning so were late getting going, not that we are early risers anyway really. We had a plan to go to Dobbies today so kept to that and got ready to go out, and it wasn't in summery clothes either!!.
It certainly wasn't bathed in sunshine today either but extremely blustery and drizzly. Vin went and got a wheelchair for me as it is quite a distance to walk round. We had a bit of a look round first,some nice Yankee candles and he got some tea -lights for later.
looked at the food court where we often buy their biscuits aand cakes that we like.Greedy piggies that we are!  We then drifted off to the cafe area where we got our free coffees for the August month
Vin had a lovely looking latte in a large cup with a beautiful fern pattern on the top  in the froth, and I had a flat white in a small cup with a nice pattern on the top as well. Makes a nice change because I don't have those at home. 
Home via tesco on the way back just to get a few last minute things for our tea tonight. Still blowy but it is clearing up a little bit and the sun even came out later in the afternoon.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Busy Wednesday!

It was up fairly early this morning after our normal coffee and little cow biscuit first!  I had an appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintre at 11 o'clock. Then a podiatry one at 1.30, so a bit of juffling required since they were in different parts of the hospital.  Oh my poor Vin, has to do all the driving, and parking etc, plus ferrying me around.He is always so patient too Bless him.
Got to the first appointment  and my heart sank when I saw the numbers of people in the waiting area, abut actually I wwas called in pretaty quickly. Had tao go and get my fooata undressed first then wait for the big man!  Not terribly good news in that it seems surgery is required on the big toe because the infection has got into the bone and that apparently means that the ulcer won't heal. Have to go back in two weeks time with the decision!!
Then off to the co-op shop down the road where we normally go to have a bit of lunch.Vin had made some lovely sandwiches wwith bread from down the road.  Really tasty too they were. Poor Vin ..more parking and ferrying about. The podiarary lady went to the orthdist to tell him that I was actually nowhere near needing the shoes sdso that appointment was cancelled,and she then did my feet. Finally on our way home after Vin had collected the car, and had a welcome cup of coffee. Vin said he was gagging for a coffee and I don't blame him either.Really miss little Tootsie waiting for us when we comje in, she was usually at the door or in the window. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Twas on a Tuesday Morning...

Twas on a Tuesday Moorning The gas man came to call to readour gas meter. This time we were in, quite often we aren't . We did have an estimated bill in January which Vin reckoned was about £15 and when he read the meter after the gas man had been it was exactly that so we don't have to pay anything this time, now that is the sort of bill we all like.
The district nurse came today too so it was quite a busy morning. Tomorrow we have a rearranged appointment with Mr Butcher at Aintree, the one they cancelled on Monday.  so they will probably do the legs there again.
When she had finished, I had a bit of a mooch on my computer, still looking in vain for a replacement crossword solver machine because my one is giving up the ghost. Unfortunately there seems to be a lot out there but none of them have a dictionary solver and thesaurus, all permutations of that but none with all the facilities. Grrr. I really just want the same as the one I have now but that isn't sold any more, wonder why?
While I was doing that, Vin was being far more practical, he bought a new bathroom heater the other day and decided to fit that this morning. This he did, remarkably quickly. He really is excellent at fixing things and fitting things too, very good handy man he is :) :) 
Weather changeable today.a bit cloudy and now it is bright sunshine, but you wouldn't exactly call it hot! far from it.
 Vin says the hanging baskets are taking a lot of watering because they are drying out quickly. Looking good though.

Monday, 8 August 2016


Seems to be something about Mondays! Last week we lost little Tootsie, this week we were ret up for an appointment at Aintree with a Mr Butcher, but we were called this morning by his secretary to cancel it as he was ill.Then we were called back later on to offer us another appointment on Wednesday morning at 11 O'clock.That is fine except that we have another  podiatry and an orthodist appointments too on the same day!  Bit of juggling needed here!
Exactly a week since little Tootsie was run over, we have really missed her this week. You miss her coming in and out all the time, and brushing up against Vins legsbecause she wanted feeding :)
  This was one of the spots she liked , on the back of the sofa, that is till I came back from hospital and she had started to bond more with Vin so went on his lap a lot. 
Very blustery last night, so much so that that the plaques that he had bought for my birthdaywere banging against the wall so he took them down for a bit till the wind subsided. 
Couldn't risk them coming off the wall so best to be safe than sorry. The wind has gone down today but still a bit cool even though it is sunny. Vin is in the garden at the moment tidying up anything that has been blown over last night.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A Blustery Day!

Sounds like a line from a Winnie the Pooh book..A blustery day indeed. It's really cold and windy. Vin was in the garden sorting out the recycling bins and came in to say it has gone really windy. 3rd of August and not exacctly a heatwave.Feel  sorry for anyone on a beach type holiday today, we have had a few of those in the past, shivering whie you paddle. :)
Vin is still feeling very bereft without little Tootsie who was always around when he was in the garden keeping him company.
I think she would besheltering today in her little hut. We didn't go out today because the nurse was coming to do the dressings, which she did about 11.30 ish.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Missing You,

We are really missing our little Tootsie. It is so hard to believe she has gone, it really all happened so quickly. Poor Vin was totally shocked and the poor ad had to deal with it all. From taking her to the vets, going back for her when they had finally decided that it would bee best to put her to sleep, and the final  horrible task of burying her in our garden last night.

She is now under a flagstone on the right hand side of the garden along with all of our other cats except for two. He put a plant pot over her last night with one of his new solar lights in it which was shining brightly last night. Bye bye little Tootsie.
She of the beautiful markings, I wish we had had you longer XXX
So we have had a quiet day today. Vin had to go to the vets to pay the bill, also he rang the insurance company to cancel the pet insurance before they took out this months money. Sounds awful but has to be done!. Then he went on to Tescos just to get a few bits and bobs to keep us going. Home for our coffees,  then later lunch. This afternoon he spent in the garden tidying up the things he didn't have time to do last night.He also rang up about my Tesco vouchers, so we could send off for our Dobbies garden club vouchers for our free coffees for the next year!!.

Monday, 1 August 2016

R.I.P. Little Tootsie.

1ST August, has turned out to be an awful day for us here. Started off as normal woke up, breakfasted Vin went down and fed Tootsie, and she went out as she always does.  Then Vin was in the kitchen and the doorbell went. The chemist from over the road said that our cat had been run over and she was in the pharmacy. He had rung the vets aaand they were waiting for her. He kindly dro0ve Vin there while she was rushed in for treatment.  The main problem was a huge head injury, and she was unresponsive. So they kept her in for  treatment, and Vin came home on the train.  He rang up later because I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon, and the time was crucial, but the vet said that Tootsie had deteriorated and they had done an x-ray and there was massive brain injury and really the best thing to do would be to put her to sleep unfortunately. Vin went straight back and was with her while the vet did that. Then he brought her home. Oh dear, what a terrible time for him.
                                         R.I.P. Little Tootsie.
She was a feisty little girl with a mind of her own. Not a cat you could make do anything, she would do eactly what she wanted. She adored Vin who was really close to her, and she would jump on his knee for a cuddle most nights. Beautiful markings and a real calico cat. Very photogenic too.
As I type this he is out digging a space in the garden for her. Heartbreaking for him, she is now "resting" beside our other cats who are out there.