Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Off to Podiatry today, the appointment was for 1.30 so we took some lunch with us.  We had a lovely mid morning cappuccino and a shortbread so that put us on nicely, then went up to get ready. 
Got there quite early, so waited outside for a few minutes then Vin walked me to the waiting area. The receptionist there (Bob) well knows me by now, I have been there so often ! so i had a sit down and a short wait because we were early. Vin went off to park the car and was back within  a few minutes because he found a space lower down.
Called in by Lyndsey today, who is very quick and efficient. We had a bit of a conversation about nurseries, the children's ones and she said she pays £46 a day !!!! I was floored, gosh that is a chunk out of your salary every week. Anyway we got done quickly, and went off for our butties in one of the car parks that is miles away from the main hospital. Nice and quiet and a pleasant place to stop. Then we set off for home and a baby coffee to go on with. Well we have to have our coffees!
 I have an eye screening appointment at Litherland town hall next Tuesday, so when we got home Vin rang up the treatment centre to make an appointment for a dressing change, hoping he could get something there on Tuesday. Brilliant! He got one for 3.30 which follows on from the 2.20 eye one. Good timing.
Little Jessie of course hadn't moved since we went out. She was in the front room on the sofa by the basket that Vin was going to take to the animal rescue charity because she hadn't used it. Of course she uses it all the time now!

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