Friday, 19 May 2017


Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment at Aintree Hospital with Mr Butcher who did my right foot, very successfully too. After the foot had been undresses frrom all its bandages etc., he came in to say what he was thinking of doing. Basically it was to remove the sigmoid bones from under the big toe, and remove the first bone of the third toe which has an ulcer on it. Insert a wire to support it and thus solve all of the problems!
H the file down for pre-op. The nurse contacted them and we went upstairs for that to be done. Very time consuming and we only left at ten to five, after having blood pressure, weight, height and an E.C.G.. Then a lengthy talk with a male nurse who went through the medical history very thoroughly and carefully. That took ages, but like I said to Vin at least doing it that way saved us a separate journey. One odd thing was that when Vin was waiting in the waiting area he heard a name called which was my name before I was married! The exact same name. He said he looked round in case they had got my name wrong but another woman had got up!. Last thing was blood tests and then that was it, homeward bound! Finally getting home about fiveish.
Little jessie I don't think had moved at all, she had been in her basket all of the time we were away. 
Couldn't finish this yesterday because the computer network was really playing up badly and would only let yu type a couple of minutes at a time so I gave up in the end. Managed to save what I had done and just finished it off now.What a pain!! 

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