Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Out and About.

We were aiming to go out somewhere today but didn't have a clue where. Vin had been fretting about my foot which was last dressed on Friday when we went to see Mr. Butcher, but we don't have another appointment until Friday and he said that was too long. He did ring up the Health centre the other day but there were no appointments available so he had to leave it. Anyway he rang up this morning to see if there was anything going and there was a cancellation at Litherland so it was there for 2.15 which we made on time. Lovely woman did the dressing called Cathy, and she was quick too. 
On the way back home Vin suggested that we go to the garden centre to get our free coffees for May, which we did. Very nice too, we got large cups as well which was a bonus. Quite quiet in there mainly because there were a lot of orople outside in the sun but it is a bit bright for me without sunglasses anyway! We were fairly early as well so it was a nice relaxing coffee. 
Don't think little Jessie had moved, she was still in her basket where we left her, but when we came home Vin opened the catflap, and she went running out to sun herself on the patio. 
This cat looks so peaceful when she is asleep. 

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