Monday, 29 May 2017

Bank Holiday and Guess What!!

It's raining! Isn't that typical. We have had lovely weather for the last week or so and today when people want a nice day to d things it is dull, cool and rainy. What a shame. Start of the half term holiday too. 
We don't tend to go out on a bank holiday so we stayed in. I caught up a bit on the computer which for once wasn't acting up, and Vin was doing things downstairs, starting his Spring Cleaning he says :)
Loads of recycling  papers and magazines and some clothing. It is really quite amazing where it comes from, but the Sunday papers alone are quite bulky. 
Little Jessie has been outside in between the drizzly bits. Jane rang up about half past three, and she was out then sitting on the back doorstep. She looks lovely sat there, her little face is beautiful. Big eyes and little white bits round her nose.

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