Monday, 8 May 2017

Nothing Doing!

Not today anyway, just enjoying being at home and not tied to a hospital routine, not that much happens at the weekens there anyway.
Little Jess is still waking Vin up at some ungodly hour in the morning, meithering for a feed, so he goes down to feed her then she follows him back to settle on his stomach and only moves when he gets up for a shave.  She greeted me very nicely at the front door when I came home but doesn't actually go near me apart from that. 
A favourite pose of madams!
Jane rings up  most days . Yesterday she called on her way to manchester to go for an eye test, she then called afterwards to say she had chosen  some new frames that were Tommy Hilfiger ones. She was deciding whether to get two frames or just the one. I thought that it is always useful to have a spare pair, and she could claim on her Health plan anyway, so would get a good bit of money back.  She ordered those and they would be ready for Thursday..good going.
Vin has been doing bits and bobs in the garden, at the moment he is weed burning.  Why is it that weeds grows so much faster and more vigorously than anything else. !
 Beautiful show of daffodils in the barrel at the front of the house. 
 Real look of Spring if they are a bit late!

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