Monday, 22 May 2017

Twas on a Monday Morning...

Nobody came to call really. It was a day of bits and pieces, we both made a few phone calls, my one was to Bullen's who rang me up last Friday but we were out. They said they would ring back but didn't so got in touch today to find that there would be a delivery tomorrow. Unexpected, and also delivering a few items I didn't want. Never mind they can go into stock. 
Vin has been sorting all the papers out and doing some gardening because it is green bin today, usually they collect later afternoon or early evening. 
Lot of banging outside this morning our neighbour next door but one is having his front garden redone. They seem to be doing the paving stone pathway and a green plastic lawn! He must have given up on the lawn mowing because he has one at the back as well. 
Vin has been doing all sorts in the garden, trying to tidy up . He also fiddled around with a pair of wiper blades that he had in the shed refurbishing them so he has a spare set now to go with the  ones he bought last week. He said he was chasing little Jess around having a play. I bet she enjoyed that. She seems to like him chasing her, and doesn't run away now but comes back for more!
I see!!!
Toorrow we are having a delivery apparently so won't be going out because you never know what time they are due, but never mind.  Vin is fretting about my foot a bit because it was done on Thursday and he rang the health clinic this morning but there are no appintments available. I am due at the podiatry on Friday but he said it is too long so he will do it!!!! Good grief, is there nothing the man can't do :) :) 

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