Tuesday, 30 May 2017

M.O.T. !

Today was worked around the fact that Vin had to take his car to Formby for its MOT, which was a quarter to two. Wasn't too much of a bother really, we had  our coffee at the usual time and he took some sandwiches and a can of coke with him to the test and had a bit of a lunch there.  He said it was the quickest test he had ever had and he was home by about a quarter to three, really quick. Everything fine and no advisories either, great news.
I have just spent the morning messing abut on the computer with strict instructions not to move on my own Like being tethered! Only kidding.:)
Little Jessie was out this morning for a while, but while Vin was out he shut the cat flap so she couldn't get out on her own. He opened it when he returned and she went out for some sun, came back in on her own a while later which he was pleased with. 
 Trying to hide,  not very successfully either.  She does this at night when on Vin's front. She is a funny little cat, not what I would call a lap cat, she isn't one for going on your lap, but does go round Vin's shoulders when he is on the sofa.  

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