Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Terrible Events!

Well what a night that turned out to be!  The last thing I said to her when she rang up  on her way to work was " I hope you have a quiet night!"  However, later on in the evening there was an explosion at the Manchester Arena at a pop concert given by  Ariana Grande, with 22 people killed and about 60 injured.Can't go into any details about what she was working on but enough to say she said it was horrible. A lot of children injured also adults, parents who were there with their children. She started off in the main hospital dealing with x-rays and ended up in the Children's for around five hours because she was familiar with their wquipment and they only had two on duty so she volunteered to go and help there.  They were doing adults as well because the parents understandably wouldn't leave their children. 
She rang us up this morning from her bath where she was trying to unwind but I don't know if she would get much sleep.  Good luck with that sweetheart. 
There has been news coverage all day today with bits and pieces being leaked out, it seems the authorities know who was responsible, and they have arrested a young man also. The suicide bomber was of course killed at the scene.  No doubt there will be a lot of information on tonight's news. 
We stayed in today because we were expecting a delivery which came at lunchtime, also Vin was doing a lot of paper clearing out for the brown bin tomorrow. 
Little Jessie has been outside a bit today, sitting in the sun. It is quite warm today which is nice to get some sunshine. 
Vin has fitted a new doorbell on the front door, she tends to scoot upstairs whenever the bell goes, but she still did it with this one even though it is quieter. Don't know what it is with doorbells, she absolutely hates them and appears terrified when they go off. Poor little thing.  

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