Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Nowhere and Nothing!

Nowhere to go and Nothing much to do really, so we stopped in today and yesterday. Vin has been doing a lot of bits and bobs round the house and is working away at clearing up. Quite a job in this house with all of its clutter!  There is stuff everywhere, sometimes I'd like to have a big chuck out and start again!
Little Jessie has got herself into a really nice little routine. She tends to wake him up first thing in the morning and gets him up to get her breakfast, then goes into her basket to have a nice sleep. This morning was quite dark so she didn't come up too early, so he had a sleep in. The day is spent between sleeping and going outwhich she does very confidently through the cat-flap. 
Presently well away in her basket. What a life!
Jane s on nights again tonight so she will probably ring about 6.30ish. They have had a rough week in the NHS with the cyber crash last Friday. Ransomware was to blame also some hospitals using out of date systems apparently.  Don't know whether my appointment tomorrow will be affected, hope not, it is a lot of faff to go all the way there to find it isn't on, but I'm sure it will be ok.

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