Friday, 19 May 2017


Today we took ourselves off to Dobbies, the garden centre over near Southport. We go there most months because they do a lovely free coffee if yu are in their garden club which we are.  Plus this time we wanted to get some hanging baskets to replace the Winter ones at the back of the house, and the slightly bigger one at the front of the house.  I like the hanging baskets it is almost instant gardening, and they give lvely colour all summer. 
We had a bit of a mooch around because it was also20% off day so it was worth getting a few bits that we needed. We got some nice candles, a couple of cakes and biscuits and of course our free coffees. Quite busy today probably because it was the discount day, it is worth getting the plants and things at the discount.  We went back to the car, and then Vin went to collect the baskets which he brought back to the car. Done and dusted and home by about a quarter to two.   Jessie of course was asleep in her basket.
She did get up to greet us though, probably because she was hungry!!

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