Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hobble Hobble,

Along to Podiatry today at 1.30. We had a babyish coffee before we went, and then a bit of a lunch in the Co-op car park when we had finished. 
Quite good feeling about the foot which is good news, Joanne did some clearing out, and a very good dressing which is always comfortable when she does it. Very good she is. 
Little Jessie was of course asleep in her basket when we got home. A nice few hours left undisturbed so she makes the most of it. Vin is presently in the garden so she might be out there with him in the sunshine. When we are out he locks the cat-flap so she can't get out otherwise he worries about her.  He has just come up to say she has come in because it is too warm, I suppose she feels it with all the black fur.
Look at these faces, aren't they gorgeous! 

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