Thursday, 11 May 2017

Bits and Bobs...

Stayed in today since we are out early tomorrow for a 10.O'Clock appointment at Aintree. Started off the day with a lovely shower and my favourite hair shampoo Linco Beer. I have just one tube left which is very precious since they stopped making it years ago for some reason. Can't imagine why it was a really lovely shampoo. 
Vin has been in the garden in bits and pieces today doing some pruning in the back garden and tidying up the front too. Very nice coffee at midday and a break for him. I have been catching up on here a bit trying to get on top of the posts in various forums. It is surprising how much you miss when you are away from the computer. 
Little Jessie is at the moment asleep in her basket, she did come up to see us before we got up this morning whichis getting to be a bit of a routine now. She sits firmly on her Daddy but she will let me stroke her. Just!
Look at that little face and imagine that staring at you in the morning till you get up to feed her! No not me, but her Daddy XXXX

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