Friday, 14 March 2014

An Outing At Last!!! And Rusty Has A Walkabout !!

We got up in reasonable time this morning..Bobby did her usual alarm clock trick. Standing in Vin till he moves!Anyway we had our morning coffee then got up for breakfast. Nice and early so the plan was to go out over to Dobbies for a coffee and a mooch.
first though, as we were having breakfast, little Rusty went out of the back door, and then under the garden gate. i saw her little legs turn to the r5ight and didn't think any more about it, till some minutes later and we got a phone call from a man who was working on the road saying he had found a cat.! Vin went to the front and there is little Rusty large as life miaowing in one of the neighbours gardens. Naughty little girl. She is a nosy ittle thing and probably heard the men working so went to have a look. They probably thought she was lost so rang us up. Aaah. nice to know people care though!
So then it was off to first outing for ages. little steps at first eh! Vin was a bit grumpy going because the window wipers on his car weren't working and he hates things not working on his car. Settled down when he got there though, especially when we got our free coffees. nice to be back in the old routine. I had an Americano and he had a very nice looking flat white.He said if we were paying for them it would have been £4.55 and we didn't buy biscuits either because we take our own being cheapskates. it was actually very busy today, but we got a nice table and had a leisurely coffee and chat. Then had a little mooch, nt much of a one because he wanted to get petrol and a few things from Waitrose on the way back.
Parked in Waitrose and Vin ran in for some cheese pasties and rice puddings a salad and got a free paper! Then to Tesco for petrol, £40 pounds later and off home. job done. Me out of the house and getting back straight again.
Tonight we are having:
Pasties from Waitrose
Rice puddings from Waitrose.

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