Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rusty's Big Day...

A big day for Rusty today. her breathing has been getting worse over the last week or so, so Vin rang up the vets to make an appointment for today. This afternoon in fact at three o'clock. So that was it for today really.
Here she is the little sweetheart. It's quite hard listening to her wheezing because of her nose condition, so we take her for an antibiotic injection, and that helps her for some time. Vin took her today because I haven't been out yet.  Vin said the vet Dr Tim was very thorough and gave her a good examination, before the injection, and she has put on a fraction of a kilo..Aaaah ! I've been calling her fatty now !!
Tonight we are having:
A bit of pasta probably macaroni cheese
garlic bread for Vin,
Maybe a few carrots to go with.

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