Wednesday, 26 March 2014


After what seems like an age stuck in the house for one reason or another we actually got out this morning.
Beautiful bright sunny but coolish morning and Vin decided he wanted a coffee out, so we went off to Maghull. Not a bad little place to go to, there is a Bon marche there and a B&Ms and a Home and Bargain for cat food etc., plus it was ages since I've been out.  I had a nice mooch round the BMs., and giot a little jacket/cardie to replace the horrible fleecey one that I have which is like wearing cardboard! so was fairly happy with that.
Then we walked over to the Costa for our coffees. Lovely sofa right by the window, very pleasant. Vin had a large soy milk latte and I had an Americano. When he sat down he said yu could have had an upgrade for another 25p but I didn't get you one!!!! He got one for his latte though!!!! Right...I'll remember that.
Very nice half hour in there. It used to be a Blockbuster video shop, but is now the Costa, and I know which makes more money. Wouldn't mind shares in Costa..all sorts go in there, very young to very old, and lots of couples..seems classless and ageless.
Back to the car parked nicely in the square and I went into Superdrug whie he went into B&Ms. Home to the little cats.
Must say vin has done the barrel at the front of the house well this year, full of little daffodils and little primroses in the hanging baskets are looking great.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope southern fried
Potato croquettes
Bread sauce
Green veggies and carrots.

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