Monday, 10 March 2014

Another Weekend Over !

The weeks seem to be flying by, we are now well into March, the nights are getting shorter and it is staying light quite late now. Touches of Spring all over, and snowdrops in the garden with some of the little tiny daffodils in the planters nice and yellow now.
Vin has planted some lovely hanging baskets again for the back yard. he went to the garden centre over the way, and got some trays of primroses so they are in there. Looks really nice against the white wall and with the little solar lights.
I love primroses, they have such bright colours and really liven the yard up outside the kitchen window.
Vin did the kitchen this morning, the floor, and tidied up the litter tray for Bobby.He ordered some more coal for delivery on Wednesday, and some Argos vouchers from the shopping monitor website, so we will have about £150 ish in those towards something from Argos.Might get another little television for the kitchen..we'll see.
Tonight we are having:
Vin is having Pizza with a salad, and baby tomatoes,
Potato salad
I am having a piece of my pizza with mushrooms and cheese.

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