Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What is He On ?

My lovely husband. I would love to know what he is on to give him so much energy... I have had to say the least a "tired" day today. No energy at all. Feel like a deflated a squashed inner tube. Had a good night's sleep too, so it isn't lack of sleep.  Vin is up and down the stairs all the time, doing all sorts,  and I'm just well there like a blob. he says I tired myself out yesterday because I stayed up too long.  Maybe I need a good old fashioned tonic. Now what could that be!!
Poor little Rusty is a bit under the weather too..her breathing isn't good at the moment, so Vin is taking her to the vet's for an injection tomorrow afternoon. Hope that makes her better.
Vin has just been up, he has been defrosting the bottom of the freezer..see what I!!
Tonight he is having:
Cottage pie..a Quorn one
A bit of gravy.

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