Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Car Tax Done...

Budget day tomorrow and I hope the car tax goes up in it because Vin has renewed his for another year today. £225 it is at the moment. No wonder people don't bother renewing it. What an expense, especially when you consider the state of the roads these days after the winter rain.
I didn't go out today but Vin did. He went to Saainsbury's to get some veeggies for the week, and was back pretty quick for his coffee. We both had very nice Capuccinos beautifully made on the Tassimo. What a great machine that has turned out to be. Definitely not one of those gadgets that you put in a cupboard after having used like mad for a short time then forgotten. Cupboards are full of those.
No post today and one silly phone call from a foreigner asking about green energy! Vin gets annoyed with those because they don't answer straight away. At least they are marginally better than the ones that don't answer at all and you pick the phone up to get a bleep at the other end. Grrr.
Tonight we are havinhg:
Cottage pie with a mushroom gravy
Carrots and maybe a bit of broccoli.

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