Friday, 28 March 2014


Vin said ast night he would nip out to Waitrose this morning to get some pasties for tonight. So...I started to make a list! he wasn't chuffed about that,
Then I mentioned about the £5 off £30 coupon that we had got from them by email,but it hadn't printed clearly enough to use. So he spent a while getting the printer cleaned and then it said we had exceeded the number of coupons we were able to print. So he wasn't happy about that either. My fault though, I had tried to print them off.
Anyway off he went to Formby, about eleven and he was back by twelve..all the shopping done! he must have whizzed round there.
Jane has just rung up..she has her new phone but hasn't transferred all the stuff from the old one yet. Seems pleased with that. She was talking about the Christmas holidays!!! couldn't believe it..but she has to work on Boxing day so doesn't look like she will be home this year. Good job we had a nice one this Christmas.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onin pasties from Waitrose
Rice puddings from Waitrose.

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