Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Change of Plan...

Tuesday today so we normally go out for a shop to get the veggies for the week. I had thought of going somewhere, but Vin said there was a coupon for £3 off thirty at Sainsburys so with that being a good saving he went there. problem with that is that you get 1/2 free parking and you have to be quite quick so I decided I'd only slow him down so he went. he is a great shopper now, whizzes round the stores with his list. Gets everything on it, looks for specialoffers too and gets anything that he thinks we need. 10/10 for his shopping I do have to say.
Grey drizzly day here today and quite cool and dark. Aranesp delivery early, Vin went down for that, I don't hear the doorbell..once my hearing aids come out I'm dead to the world.:) One phone call about solar heating and energy bills, and a phone call from Jane to say she was in Tesco's doing her shopping. We had a lovely chat, and she said she had put her new earrings in and they looked good. She is balancing her work, Uni and study work really well. I have put a bit of money in her bank which will help her a bit.Poor little kid. She never has any money so maybe she can have a treat.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie
gravy and mushrooms
Carrots and a bit of broccoli.

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