Wednesday, 19 March 2014

In Which Vin Plays mechanic..

Not playing exactly because he knows what he is doing. He has a twenty year old Toyota Carina estate which he has had from new and has cared for it brilliantly over the years. At the moment there is a bit of a problem with the windscreen wipers which didn't work the other day. he looked in the manual and sorted out what was wrong. This morning he spent taking the motor off, cleaning it and the wiper covers too, he had them in the back garden cleaning them. Stopped for coffee then went at it again. He was saying that if he had it done in a garage it would have been very expensive because it is a mechanics time on a tricky job. He did try to buy a motor from some of the car factors in the area but none of them had would have been a dealership job. So the boy done well as they say.
I have had a nice day catching up on the computer, looking through some of the sites that I haven't seen for a while.
Tonight we are having:
A pasta with cheese sauce and mushrooms
A bit of garlic bread for Vin
 Some green veggies to go with.

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