Friday, 21 March 2014


I could do with some. Vin could run rings round me. He is up earlyish and doing things, always brings me a little cup of coffee in the morning then goes off for the papers. breakfast, then he went off to Tesco for the weekend thinggs.  Not a good day for moi today, bit on the wobbly idea why. Vin says I am not getting enough nourishment but I am. I tthink the anti-biotics have played havoc with me, my taste has gone strange and don't have a big appetite at the moment. Oh well Spring is springing maybe my energy will return soon.
The new Sky box that Vin arranged is proving to be excellent. He has worked out most things on it, and the on demand facility is proving to be very useful. Seems very easy to use too, he records things almost instantly. We now have a very good set up, with the smart television couresy of the National Shopping monitor, the sound bar which is a Bose one from the Cheshire Oaks, and the new Sky+ box. All we need now is some really excellent series to waatrch.
Tonight we are having:
not totally aure. maybe a baked potato with cheese and a few mushrooms..

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