Friday, 7 March 2014


Where does he get it from? He said this morning he woke up early so went downstairs, had a small cup of tea then tackled the ironing!!!! That is all of the bedding and clothing that was dried.  Then he brought me my rice cake, went for the papers, and then decided he was going to the garden centre to get some primroses for the hanging baskets. Meanwhile i do nothing!! Just can't summon up the energy to do anything really. Wonder why? Is it still the effects of the antibiotics which haven't done me any favours at all, except to clear up the ear infection. Ah well recover soon I hope.
Little Rusty is getting over her journey yesterday to the vets, and the injection that he gave her seems to be doing her some good. Hope so at £66 a pop, she's worth it though.
Tonight we are having:
Baked potato for me with a bit of cheese,
Curry I think for Vin a Quorn one with somje naan bread to go with.

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