Thursday, 13 March 2014


Well, the plan was tto have a little outing this morning over to Dobbies. have our free coffees and a little mooch.
What happened was, that the cats didn't wake Vin up this morning. Goodness knows why. Usually Bobby gets up with the light then starts trampling on him till he gets up to feed her. She walks on his face and pulls his hair till he moves and miaows very loudly. This, by the time we woke up it was ten O'clock, and too late to go anywhere. Plan change then.
Turned out to be a grey day anyway, it was very foggy last night Vin said it was like the Murder on the Rue Morgue last night and you couldn't see the station which is a bad sign from our house and means it's quite bad.  bit misty this morning and Vin says it's cold out too, not really warmed up today which it usually does after fog. Thing is we don't seem to get uch fog these days so it's a bit unusual. I remember the days of my childhood when you got the really bad smogs which were grey and dirty and you had to go to school with scarvves round your mouth. Don't do that any longer.
Tonight we are having:
Mushroom and cheese flan
Something tomatoey
potato croquette.

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