Thursday, 30 April 2015

Hello Again Blog !!

Well here we are again after a bit of a dodgy few days. Laid out with yet another blockage which does take a bit of time to recover from. Trouble is it is a lot of extra strife for lovely Vin who is a saint really, up and down stairs like nobody's business.
The girl from Occupational Therapy came this morning..Louise, who was lovely. She asked lots of questions, wasn't hurried andd went upstairs to check things like the bathroom. She is going to arrange for things like another hand rail up the stairs, a grab rail by the toilet, and the shower, and a board that they use for when you are having a shower to make you more stable. Very helpful she was. Gosh our NHS is really good, all the things they do for you.
The dorbell went mad this morning. At last our replacement umbrella stand arrived, this was the one we had for years and I went headlong into and broke. Silly me! Then the post arrived with a parcel of things I had ordered from Bon Marche..that was very quick, then a parcel arrived for the lady next door.  Some days you get nothing..then three come along at once!!
 Huge amount of packaging on the umbrella stand which looks really nice by the way, good job it is the brown bin tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer, for Vin.
Maybe a poached egg for me.

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