Friday, 29 July 2016

In Again..

Once again were sort of forced to stay in the house today, we did think that if the nurses came early we could pop out for a coffee somewhere . But, we were foiled by the fact that she didn't come till elevenish so that meant by the time I had got ready it would have been nearly lunchtime. We stayed in and had a nice coffee inside instead. Saved a bit of money anyway.
Today started off grey and drizzly but has now cleared up nicely, enough for Vin to hang some of the sheets out on the line. He also put some of the things back in his car after its service. He was quite pleased with the service anyway because they had finished it off with a valeting, car wash, inside vacuuming too so that got rid of all the leaf rubbish that had collected on the car mats. Looks lovely and shiny now.  Still can't believe he has had it for two years!

Absolutely no idea how this happened to be posted on here.! I was looking for a picture of Vin's car but must have pressed the wrong button. Ah the mysteries of the internet.!  No idea how to remove it either. :(This picture is an oldish one which shows the baking we used to do on a Sunday. ..Aaah those were the days!

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